My Astrological Sign, Birth Mewa & Kua Number

In Chinese Astrology, your animal sign is determined according to the Chinese lunar year you were born. For example, let’s say you were born on 1st March 1921 – that year was the Year of the Metal Rooster, so therefore you’re a Metal Rooster. However, the lunar year of the Metal Rooster in 1921 only began on the 8th February of the Western calendar. So if you were born before this date, let’s say 2nd January 1921, then your animal sign is not the Metal Rooster but the sign of the previous lunar year, which was the Metal Monkey

The year 2021 is the year of the Metal Ox, so a baby born on or after 12th February this year will be a Metal Ox. Babies born before 12th February 2021 will still be the Metal Rat. 

Use the table below to determine your Animal Sign, Mewa Number and Kua Number. 

Just enter your YEAR of birth in the search box to filter the results in the table:

Lunar YearAnimal SignBeginsEnds onMewaKua (Male)Kua (Female)
1921Metal Rooster08-Feb-2127-Jan-22778
1922Water Dog28-Jan-2215-Feb-23669
1923Water Boar16-Feb-2304-Feb-24521
1924Wood Rat05-Feb-2423-Jan-25442
1925Wood Ox24-Jan-2512-Feb-26333
1926Fire Tiger13-Feb-2601-Feb-27224
1927Fire Rabbit02-Feb-2722-Feb-28118
1928Earth Dragon23-Feb-2809-Feb-29996
1929Earth Snake10-Feb-2929-Jan-30887
1930Metal Horse30-Jan-3016-Feb-31778
1931Metal Sheep17-Feb-3105-Feb-32669
1932Water Monkey06-Feb-3225-Jan-33521
1933Water Rooster26-Jan-3313-Feb-34442
1934Wood Dog14-Feb-3403-Feb-35333
1935Wood Boar04-Feb-3523-Jan-36224
1936Fire Rat24-Jan-3610-Feb-37118
1937Fire Ox11-Feb-3730-Jan-38996
1938Earth Tiger31-Jan-3818-Feb-39887
1939Earth Rabbit19-Feb-3907-Feb-40778
1940Metal Dragon08-Feb-4026-Jan-41669
1941Metal Snake27-Jan-4114-Feb-42521
1942Water Horse15-Feb-4204-Feb-43442
1943Water Sheep05-Feb-4324-Jan-44333
1944Wood Monkey25-Jan-4412-Feb-45224
1945Wood Rooster13-Feb-4501-Feb-46118
1946Fire Dog02-Feb-4621-Jan-47996
1947Fire Boar22-Jan-4709-Feb-48887
1948Earth Rat10-Feb-4828-Jan-49778
1949Earth Ox29-Jan-4916-Feb-50669
1950Metal Tiger17-Feb-5005-Feb-51521
1951Metal Rabbit06-Feb-5126-Jan-52442
1952Water Dragon27-Jan-5213-Feb-53333
1953Water Snake14-Feb-5302-Feb-54224
1954Wood Horse03-Feb-5423-Jan-55118
1955Wood Sheep24-Jan-5511-Feb-56996
1956Fire Monkey12-Feb-5630-Jan-57887
1957Fire Rooster31-Jan-5717-Feb-58778
1958Earth Dog18-Feb-5807-Feb-59669
1959Earth Boar08-Feb-5927-Jan-60521
1960Metal Rat28-Jan-6014-Feb-61442
1961Metal Ox15-Feb-6104-Feb-62333
1962Water Tiger05-Feb-6224-Jan-63224
1963Water Rabbit25-Jan-6312-Feb-64118
1964Wood Dragon13-Feb-6401-Feb-65996
1965Wood Snake02-Feb-6520-Jan-66887
1966Fire Horse21-Jan-6608-Feb-67778
1967Fire Sheep09-Feb-6729-Jan-68669
1968Earth Monkey30-Jan-6816-Feb-69521
1969Earth Rooster17-Feb-6905-Feb-70442
1970Metal Dog06-Feb-7026-Jan-71333
1971Metal Boar27-Jan-7114-Feb-72224
1972Water Rat15-Feb-7202-Feb-73118
1973Water Ox03-Feb-7322-Jan-74996
1974Wood Tiger23-Jan-7410-Feb-75887
1975Wood Rabbit11-Feb-7530-Jan-76778
1976Fire Dragon31-Jan-7617-Feb-77669
1977Fire Snake18-Feb-7706-Feb-78521
1978Earth Horse07-Feb-7827-Jan-79442
1979Earth Sheep28-Jan-7915-Feb-80333
1980Metal Monkey16-Feb-8004-Feb-81224
1981Metal Rooster05-Feb-8124-Jan-82118
1982Water Dog25-Jan-8212-Feb-83996
1983Water Boar13-Feb-8301-Feb-84887
1984Wood Rat02-Feb-8419-Feb-85778
1985Wood Ox20-Feb-8508-Feb-86669
1986Fire Tiger09-Feb-8620-Jan-87521
1987Fire Rabbit21-Jan-8716-Feb-88442
1988Earth Dragon17-Feb-8805-Feb-89333
1989Earth Snake06-Feb-8926-Jan-90224
1990Metal Horse27-Jan-9014-Feb-91118
1991Metal Sheep15-Feb-9103-Feb-92996
1992Water Monkey04-Feb-9222-Jan-93887
1993Water Rooster23-Jan-9309-Feb-94778
1994Wood Dog10-Feb-9430-Jan-95669
1995Wood Boar31-Jan-9518-Feb-96521
1996Fire Rat19-Feb-9606-Feb-97442
1997Fire Ox07-Feb-9727-Jan-98333
1998Earth Tiger28-Jan-9815-Feb-99224
1999Earth Rabbit16-Feb-9904-Feb-00118
2000Metal Dragon05-Feb-0023-Jan-01996
2001Metal Snake24-Jan-0111-Feb-02887
2002Water Horse12-Feb-0231-Jan-03778
2003Water Sheep01-Feb-0321-Jan-04669
2004Wood Monkey22-Jan-0408-Feb-05521
2005Wood Rooster09-Feb-0528-Jan-06442
2006Fire Dog29-Jan-0617-Feb-07333
2007Fire Boar18-Feb-0706-Feb-08224
2008Earth Rat07-Feb-0825-Jan-09118
2009Earth Ox26-Jan-0913-Feb-10996
2010Metal Tiger14-Feb-1002-Feb-11887
2011Metal Rabbit03-Feb-1122-Jan-12778
2012Water Dragon23-Jan-1209-Feb-13669
2013Water Snake10-Feb-1330-Jan-14521
2014Wood Horse31-Jan-1418-Feb-15442
2015Wood Sheep19-Feb-1507-Feb-16333
2016Fire Monkey08-Feb-1627-Jan-17224
2017Fire Rooster28-Jan-1715-Feb-18118
2018Earth Dog16-Feb-1804-Feb-19996
2019Earth Boar05-Feb-1924-Jan-20887
2020Metal Rat25-Jan-2011-Feb-21778
2021Metal Ox12-Feb-2131-Jan-22669
2022Water Tiger01-Feb-2221-Jan-23551
2023Water Rabbit22-Jan-2309-Feb-24442
2024Wood Dragon10-Feb-2428-Jan-25333
2025Wood Snake29-Jan-2516-Feb-26224
2026Fire Horse17-Feb-2605-Feb-27115
2027Fire Sheep06-Feb-2725-Jan-28996
2028Earth Monkey26-Jan-2812-Feb-29887
2029Earth Rooster13-Feb-2902-Feb-30778
2030Metal Dog03-Feb-3022-Jan-31669

Your Mewa Number

Your Mewa number (called the Birth Mewa) is the number of the ruling astrological chart of your birth year. According to the spiritual branch of Chinese astrology, your Birth Mewa is what reveals your personal Guardian Deity, active lifespan, number of major trials or hardships you will encounter throughout your life, and the mantras to chant whenever you have problems or difficulties. 

Guardian Deity and Mantra: According to the classical texts, it is highly recommended that you invite the image of your personal deity into your home, carry their amulet for life and regularly chant the mantra associated with your Birth Mewa. Doing so will help reduce hardships or difficulties you may have to suffer in life (due to the karma ripening from negative actions you have committed in previous lives.) 

Obstacles Years: There are 9 Mewa numbers altogether, so every 9 years a new cycle starts again. A year that has the same Mewa number as your Birth Mewa becomes an “obstacle” year for you. In the year 2021, the ruling Mewa is 6; hence this year becomes an obstacle year for all those whose Birth Mewa is 6. 

Active Lifespan: The years indicated refer to the number of years your physical health and mental energies have vitality. It does not mean that your life will end after these years. These are astrological guides that explain the energy patterns that influence your life based on your birthdate. They can be transformed with the right spiritual remedies and rituals; hence astrological predictions are never “set in stone”.  

MewaGuardian DeityActive LifespanHardshipsMantra for overcoming hardships
1Chenrezig71 years4OM MANI PADME HUM
2Vajrapani62 years3OM VAJRA PANI HUM
3Vajrasattva50 years4OM VAJRASATTVA HUM
4Vajrapani65 years4OM VAJRA PANI HUM
6Ushnisha Vijaya70 years3OM AMRITA AYUR DADE SOHA
9Manjushri73 years5OM AH RAPA TSANA DHIH

Your Kua Number

Your Kua number reveals your good and bad directions based on your lunar birth year. Kua numbers are different for males and females born in the same year (see the reference table above to determine your Kua number). The tables below summarize your good and bad directions based on your Kua Number. Try to use your good directions for sleeping, eating, working, studying and all other activities you perform often.

The GOOD DIRECTIONS based on your KUA

(Sheng Chi)
(Tien Yi)
(Nien Yen)
(Fu Wei)

The BAD DIRECTIONS based on your KUA

KuaBad Luck
(Ho Hai)
5 Ghosts
(Wu Kwei)
6 Killings
(Liu Shar)
Total Loss
(Chueh Ming)


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