Is the no 4 a Good Apartment Number?


My son who is living in the USA wants to buy an apartment with the door number 4. We Chinese are superstitious about this number because it also means “death”; but my son does not believe it. What should I do?


Actually the number 4 is not a bad number when analyzed using feng shui numerology. The number 4 might sound like “death” in Chinese, but in flying star feng shui, the number 4 can bring success in academic pursuits and also romance luck. I don’t think you should worry too much about this. If your son wants to live in this apartment then so be it. 

When it comes to analyzing whether this apartment has good feng shui or not, the layout and furniture arrangement is more important. For example, making sure that there are no poison arrows or killing chi (shar qi); this is a much more important aspect of feng shui than the number alone.  

And finally, it is very important to ensure that the main door to his apartment faces his good direction according to his Kua number.  The number of the apartment is not significant.


Can I use my basement as a bedroom?

QUESTION My husband wants to convert the basement as a bedroom for our teenage daughter. I read somewhere that basements should not be used as a bedroom. What


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