If I have too much water in my paht chee chart, can I still have a water feature?


Recently a Paht Chee “expert” told me that I should remove all my water features in my home because my Bazi chart already has too much water. I currently have 1 large aquarium inside my house and a water feature outside the house. The one outside my house is very large.. and it cost me alot of money to build it. It would be a waste if  I had to remove it!

Water is an essential element for activating good feng shui.

My dear, please don’t remove your water feature! Water brings wealth and money luck… so if you remove this water feature, you will likely cause your money and wealth to leave as well! Water is the most important feng shui element that you need in order to enjoy good feng shui and financial abundance! So yes! Even if your paht chee chart shows that you already have alot of elements, it is still important to activate sectors in your home that require water. 


Can I use my basement as a bedroom?

QUESTION My husband wants to convert the basement as a bedroom for our teenage daughter. I read somewhere that basements should not be used as a bedroom. What


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