Is sitting directly in front of a pillar bad feng shui?


At my office, I’m sitting directly facing a pillar. I’ve read that pillars are considered bad feng shui. I’ve not had a promotion since I’ve joined the company 8 years ago. What can I do?


If you’re sitting directly in front of a pillar, this is not a good feng shui position for you. Usually when one sits facing a pillar, the pillar represents a “mountain” of obstacles. Depending on how threatening the pillar might be, the degree of harm will be different.

Here are two options you can try:

  1. Move Locations: I suggest you move your sitting location elsewhere which has a better support for you. Perhaps you can request permission from your boss to find a different location to sit in the office.   
  2. Re-orientate your desk: consider turning your desk to face a different direction. You only need to re-orientate your desk around so that the pillar is not directly in front of you. A pillar behind you (if it has no sharp corners) can be a great protective measure for you and provide you support from your boss. 

Potted Plant

If your boss does not give you the permission to move or turn our desk, then you can try hanging a metal windchime directly in front of the pillar. You should also place a potted plant (with lovely foliage) in front of you to mask the pillar. This will help reduce some of the negative energies coming from the pillar. However, it’s best if you can move locations or turn your desk around.


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