My new apartment has a blue ceiling. Good feng shui?


I’ve recently moved a new one-bedroom apartment downtown; it’s the only one I can afford which is located near my work place. The problem is that the ceiling of the master bedroom is painted black! After staying there for a month, I’ve noticed some bad luck, particularly in relationships. Is this because of the black ceiling?  Each time I go to bed, I can’t help but feel that the ceiling is pressing down on me in some way. Should I have I have it repainted, and if this is your advice, what colour should I paint it?

Dark blue ceiling can emulate the presence of the water element, which is not advisable as a ceiling colour.

My dear Sally*, 

Your instincts are spot on! The  black ceiling is definitely not a positive feature as far as feng shui is concerned! 

There are a couple of reasons why we never choose black as the color of the ceiling for a bedroom.

  1. Black symbolizes the presence of the water element. When you have water covering your head, it is as if you are under water all the time. In feng shui symbolism, this has a negative connotation i.e. as if you have “drowned”.  Also, when you have large representations of water in the bedroom, it can deplete earth energy… which brings problems for your love relationships.     
  2. A black ceiling makes it look like you have no roof over your head. And having no roof means you are not sheltered or protected from the elements. Symbolically this exposes you to accidents and loss energy that can manifest at work or at home.   

Luckily, the solution is very easy! All you have to do is to repaint your ceiling. I recommend cream, beige or white. These are neutral colors that generate positive vibrations in any space, especially the bedroom. In fact, I usually recommend this colors to all my clients. Get this done as soon as possible – don’t delay making this change. If you landlord won’t stump up the money to get it done for you, offer to pay for the repainting yourself, or do it yourself. The small investment you make will be worth it. 

*Not her real name.


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