Should I throw away love gifts from my Ex?


My ex-boyfriend from high school gave me many love tokens during our relationship together. But we broke up due to life changes i.e. college, career and so on. I’m now happily married to another man. But my husband is a little jealous that I’m still keeping these love tokens from my Ex. So what do I do with all these items given by him? I have a very expensive solid gold heart locket from him; inside it has both our pictures. Should I keep it? Or can I sell it?

A locket pendant can have the magical ability to keep two people close together when there are pictures inside.

Gold locket pendants that have pictures of two people have the magical power to keep these two people’s lives entwined. If you keep this pendant, there is a good chance that you will meet up with your ex again in future… and this could present problems if you are happily married. 

The best is to sell or give it away. Yes, you can definitely sell the pendant if you can get a good price for it. But if you would like to keep it, then i suggest that you remove the two pictures of you and him. Wash the pendant well, and keep it in a pouch. Please don’t wear it if you have no plans to rekindle any old feelings with your ex!


Can I use my basement as a bedroom?

QUESTION My husband wants to convert the basement as a bedroom for our teenage daughter. I read somewhere that basements should not be used as a bedroom. What


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