Your Five Spiritual Luck Forces in 2024

Windhose flags should be hoisted as high as possible in order to lift low windhorse energies.

Each person has five internal luck forces that can determine their personal effectiveness and success potential. 

There are so many luck prediction methods that an astrologer can use, but I like this one because it is so simple and yet, so accurate! Unlike systems like Paht Chee (Bazi) or Purple Star astrology, which are complicated to interpret and requires detailed birth information, this simple chart provides the astrologer with quick and accurate insights to whether your luck is strong or weak for this year.

The calculation for these five spiritual luck forces changes every year and it is derived from a branch of Cosmic Astrology. You don’t need your birth hour to decipher this chart! All you need to know which animal sign you belong to! So whenever I do luck forecasts for each animal sign, I check this chart as a guide.

1. Life Force

Your Longevity or Your Vital Essence

The life force, also known your sok, describes your longevity potential. It lives in your heart chakra and this is what keeps you alive. When your life-force leaves your body, you pass away. Generally, your life-force is strong when you are young; but it gets depleted as you age. On some years your life-force is stronger. And some years, your life-force is weakened by astrological forces of that particular year.

In a year when your life-force is strong, your potential to live long is high. You will feel energetic and a zest for life. Even if you fall ill, you are likely to recover easily and quickly. In a year when your life-force is weak, you will get tired easily. You may feel short of breath and medicines that you take don’t seem to be effective in healing you. If you get get injured, recovery will be slower than normal.

Amulet for Increasing LifeforceOn years when your life force is low, please avoid taking risks that could endanger your life. For example, avoid extreme sports or travelling in precarious terrains. Usually, when one’s life-force is low, you can help avert danger as follows:

2. Spirit Essence

Your Inner Spirit Consciousness (la)

Your Spirit Essence, also known as the la, is your vital inner spirit. Its strength is what determines how stable your “spiritual immune system” is. Your Spirit Essence moves around within your body according to the lunar cycle. At new moon, your la will reside at your feet and will travel upwards to you crown chakra by full moon. Then as the moon wanes, your la starts moving downwards and will return to your feet by the next new moon. If you injure a location of your body where the la is residing during that month, this could result in serious harm or death. Your spirit essence is also able to travel outside your body during dreams and comas. 

When your spirit essence is strong, you are naturally resistant to harm from wandering spirits and projectiles. You will have strong emotional resilience and feel positive about life. You will not succumb easily to depression or criticism.

However, when your spirit essence is low, you will feel easily depressed and emotionally fragile. You will also become more vulnerable to spirit harm, projectiles, curses and magic spells. In a year when your spirit essence is low, you must take steps to strengthen your spirit essence in the following ways:

  • Chant mantras of Buddhas. I strongly recommend the mantras of Guru Rinpoche, Tara, Chenrezig (Kuan Yin) and Manjushri. 
  • Wear an authentic amulet that can protect you from spirit harm
  • Avoid going to places where many wandering spirits are likely to hang out (e.g. hospitals, cemeteries)
  • If you have connection with monasteries, arrange for spiritual pujas to be performed on your behalf. 


Health of your Physical Body (lu)

Also called the lu, this spiritual luck force describes the strength of your physical body – your flesh, bones, organs and so forth. This luck force governs the overall physical health and immune system. 

In a year when your health is strong, your body is more resilient to diseases. You will be unlikely to get ill or injured easily. Even if you fall sick or need surgery, your body will be able to recover fairly well. 

However, in a year when  your is health weak – your body is likely to feel sluggish. You may discover some internal health issues and are prone to getting sick. If your health luck, spirit essence and life-force are all low, then this is considered a very dangerous year for you. My advice is to:

  • avoid taking any physical or spiritual risk.
  • Do not undertake surgery or risky medical operations, do not expose yourself to epidemics and viruses.
  • Avoid going to places like hospitals and graveyards. 
  • Perform long life ceremonies and Medicine Buddha Pujas.
  • Wear the Amulet for Rejuvenating the Body – this is specially recommended by the scriptures to help with this astrological difficulty.


Personal Presence & Field of Power (wangthang)

Also called the wangthang, this refers to potential to achieve your aspirations for the year. Loosely translated, it is called your “karmic power” or “field of power”. This is main source of all our good fortune and all forms of abundance.  Generally, people who have a high field of power have a radiant aura. When they enter into a room, their presence is felt immediately! When they make a request, you naturally feel the need to comply and make them happy. You will often see this in charismatic individuals with attractive and somewhat intimidating personas. They attain success quite easily and are usually highly respected. Such people are born with naturally high wangthang – due to many meritorious deeds they performed in previous lives. 

Every person is born with a certain level of wangthang but the strength of this power varies every year. In years when it is strong, you will find that success, mentors, abundance and influence comes easily to you. You will feel confident that any business endeavor or personal project you begin can become a success. Even when you encounter setbacks, you will be able to overcome these hurdles relatively easily.

When it is weak, you become vulnerable to business ruin, poverty, and failure. In a year where your power luck is low, it is not advisable to take on big responsibilities, big financial commitments or start a new business venture. Avoid sinking huge sums into investments; as your merit and luck is on the low side. On such years, it is advisable to:

  • do as many merit-increasing deeds as possible i.e. charity to spiritual and non-profit organizations.
  • make financial contributions towards infrastructure projects like building bridges and roads, especially in poor or struggling communities.
  • Perform purification rituals and prayers such as making supplications to Vajrasattva Buddha (the Buddha of Purification).  
  • Wear an amulet that increases your karmic power


Your Prana or Qi (lungta)

The windhorse (lungta)  refers to the subtle wind energies that traverse our internal chakras, meridians and channels. In Sanskrit, we call this the “prana” and in Chinese we call it qi or chi. This is the powerhouse or the “fuel” that nourishes and gives vitality to the all the other four luck forces, especially your field of power – the wangthang. Generally, even if your power luck is high for that year if your windhorse is weak, it becomes difficult to actualize success. Think of your wangthang like a powerful car with a turbo engine, and the windhorse as the petrol or fuel. No matter how powerful your car is, without petrol, it can’t take you very far!

When your windhorse is high, you have plenty of energy and vitality to achieve your goals. If your spirit essence and life-force is low, but your windhorse is high, it off-sets some of the dangers that come with having a low spirit essence or life-force. 

When it is low, then the year will feel very challenging for you. You are advised not to take on additional responsibilities or start new business ventures. Luckily, it is very easy to increase your lungta . You can do a number of rituals and prayers that can increase your internal chi! Here are some of the recommended prayers:

If you would like to know how to do these prayers, please sign up for my newsletter or write to me. In future, tutorials and prayers will be made available on this website. 

Click the charts below to see your personal luck profile based on your animal sign.


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