7th July - 7th August 2020
Good news! July brings some warming news thanks to the magic Sum of Ten and Hotu Specials making an appearance in four key sectors. Here's a summary of what's in store for the 6th month of the Metal Rat Year.
Flying Star Chart July 2020
Flying Star Chart July 2020

Summary Forecast

Southeast (6/2)

  • The combination brings illness which affect the liver and limbs
  • Affects those born in the year of the Dragon and Snake
  • Can cause headaches and diseases for women aged 45-55
  • Wear a Gold Pendant in the design of the Wu Lou or Medicine Buddha.
  • Pregnant Women should avoid staying here


South (2/7) – Wealth Luck

  • The Hotu combination brings money luck for those residing in this area.
  • But be vigilant about security, as the Robbery Star #7 still dominates!
  • Affects those born in the year of the Horse
  • Business owners who have entrance here, be watchful of staff that handle month. This combination also causes petty theft.
  • The Middle Son is prone to accidents and injury from metal.


Southwest (4/9) – Expansion

  • Excellent HOTU special of 4/9 brings potential expansion and good fortune
  • Mothers will be inspired to start new projects this month.
  • Romance luck heats up!
  • Singles living here will enjoy some action in this department.
  • Display lots of red furnishings in the Southwest!
  • Sheep and Monkey-born will hear some good news this month.


East (5/1) – Victory, but beware of Accidents

  • This combination brings victory luck for the East sector.
  • New opportunities to make money
  • Benefits those living in this sector, as well as the Rabbit-born
  • But be careful not to over spend.. this combination causes money to roll out!


Centre (7/3) – Sum of Ten brings Solutions

  • The Sum of Ten brings helpful solutions amidst the COVID situation; many countries will find a more sustainable way to move forward amidst this crisis.
  • But the #3 spells some potential riots and violence that are not healthy.
  • Refrain from participating in violent group protests 
  • Double check that doors are locked at night. 
  • Keep the lights in the center of the house switched on


West (9/5) – Grave Danger

  • The Five Yellow visits this sector, and gains strength from the Annual 9.
  • This is very dangerous for those born in Rooster Year
  • If your bedroom is here, wear amulets cast from 18k gold.
  • To avert danger, chant the mantra of Buddha Amitabha.


Northeast (1/6) – Academic Success

  • The scholastic HOTU combination makes an appearance.
  • Children living in the Northeast benefit from advances in their education. 
  • Excellent time for kids to master a difficult subject at school.
  • Favourable for all academic institutions i.e. schools reopening, or finding new ways to provide meaningful learning for children
  • Sons enjoy more of this luck than daughters
  • Benefits those born in the Ox and Tiger years 
  • For those living here, this is a good month to up-skill


North (3/8) – Promotion and Power

  • The Hotu combination brings promotion and power luck!
  • Benefits those born in the year of Rat
  • If your office, study or bedroom is here, expect positive opportunities this month.
  • Male siblings or best friends enjoy a boost of positive vibrations this month.
  • Keep the lights turned on in this sector, and decorate with red furnishings.


Northwest (8/4) – Money and Love

  • The combination in this sector brings romance luck
  • Excellent for singles or married couples living in this sector
  • Benefits the Dog and Boar
  • Avoid the color Blue in this sector.
  • Do not place any water features in this sector this month.


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