Feng Shui Audits

Select the type of consultation you would like. Here’s a guide on how to choose:

Pre-Purchase Audit – choose this if you would like help to assess the feng shui of a property (house, apartment or land) for purchase. This is a “quick glance” consultation for one to five properties only. You can also select the divination add-on. This is not a full feng shui consultation.

Feng Shui Audit – Select this option if you already have an existing house or apartment, and would like advice on how to place furniture, cures for annual feng shui charts and colour schemes of the home.

Renovation Audit – This option is or bungalows that are 2 stories and above. have a bungalow are planning to renovate your existing home to take advantage of the new Period of 9 chart. This type of consultation talking for landed property (not apartments). You can purchase this consultation in stages.

Design for me Contact me separately for this option if you have a piece of land (or an old house you will demolish and rebuild), and would like me to help you draw up the perfect feng shui home for your family.  This really is the rolls-royce option for consultations – I will draw you a concept plan, select important dates and provide details and specifications for everything recommended. You can also opt to purchase this consultation in stages.

Sutra of Cause and Effect

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