#4 Romance & Literary Star

The #4 star is a unique flying star that brings both Romance and Literary Luck. By extension, those who can benefit from the energies of this star enjoy popularity and academic achievements.  However, when this star is mis-activated with water, it can court sexual misconduct and scandal.

In 2024, this star flies into the Patriarch location in the Northwest sector. This can cause married men to develop a roving eye; hence the Four Friends of Harmony (with a secret relationship harmony amulet) is the best way to handle this star for the year.

On the other hand, #4 benefits single men in their late 40s-60s. Hence if you’re a single male looking for love, carry the Peach Blossom Amulets with you throughout the year.

Since this is a star that promotes academic success, all amulets that enhance a child’s education and wisdom luck becomes amplified if they are also staying in the Northwest this year.

Sutra of Cause and Effect

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