#5 Yellow Star

The #5 star is considered the most dangerous star in feng shui. It brings financial setbacks, accidents and obstacles. Both the Annual and Monthly stars bring misfortune; so it is crucial to subdue the Annual star using the new Five Yellow cure for that year, and subdue the Monthly #5 star using a newly consecrated cure from previous years.

In 2024, the #5 star moves into the West. This affects all young females,  concubines (wives who aren’t the main wife in a polygamy arrangement), mistresses and and those born in the year of the Rooster. Those whose entrance or bedroom are in the West this year are also afflicted. Amulets recommended for counteracting the negative effects of the Annual #5 and Monthly #5 star is listed below.

Note:  Annual and Monthly Five Yellow cures should never be reused as a “cure” after a year. However, since these cures usually contain sacred images like Guru Rinpoche or Mitrugpa, these images have spiritual value and should not be thrown away. Instead, they can continue to be placed on an altar or displayed elsewhere in a respectful place. If you do not wish to display them in your home, please burn them and place the burnt ashes in a clean garden.

Sutra of Cause and Effect

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