#7 Robbery & Betrayal Star

The #7 star brings robbery, violence and deceitful energies. In 2024, the #7 star occupies the South location. This has negative impacts on those born in the year of the Horse and the Snake, who has the 24 Mountain Robbery Star .

If your entrance, room or office is afflicted by the Annual or Monthly #7 star, you must take measures to protect yourself from violent harm. Each year, I make an “Anti Burglary” house amulet precisely to deal with the effects of this star. This is one of those cures that everyone needs regardless of where the #7 star resides. If you live in a neighborhood that is prone to robbery, then installing this cure is extremely important for your personal safety. House amulets and personal amulets recommended for reducing the negative effects of the #7 star  and all Robbery Stars are below.

Apart from violence, the #7 also brings betrayal. When you are afflicted by the #7 star you will feel a lack of trust for your closest friends; and in many cases you may experience infidelity (by yourself or your spouse), betrayal in a friendship or someone close to you.

Note: The Anti-Burglary House Amulet only protects against house thieves and robbery while you are in your home. It cannot protect you while you are outside of your home, nor can it protect you from betrayal from your spouse.  For protection against infidelity, use the Four Friends House Amulet and Pocket Amulets.

Sutra of Cause and Effect

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