Three Killings Star

The Three Killings Star is considered one of the most malevolent annual afflictions as it is capable of bringing three types of losses: loss to one’s reputation, one’s financial standing and one’s relationship harmony.

In any given year, it occupies 3 subsectors or 45 degrees of the compass and its effects is felt by the sector it occupies as well as the sector across from it.

  • All those whose bedroom or entrance is in the South
  • Animal signs directly afflicted by the Three Killings year are the Horse, Snake and the Sheep.
  • Animal signs indirectly afflicted by the Three Killings year are the Rat, Ox and Boar.

To subdue the negative effects of the Three Killings, display the Three Killings Cure each year to mitigate its harmful influences, ensuring a more harmonious and protected living or working environment. It is crucial to avoid construction, renovations, or any disruptive activities in these areas during the year.  If you must renovate, please carry the Renovation Amulet.

Sutra of Cause and Effect

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