House & Car Amulets

House amulets can enhance good energies and protect your home against specific threats and feng shui afflictions. Each year, every home is afflicted by at least 4 very negative feng shui stars that can bring accidents, serious illness, disputes and difficulties in career and relationships. For peace of mind and well being, it is important to know what kind of stars affect your home (especially the bedroom and entrance) and then place the correct house amulet card to protect against these energies. See these links to view protection amulets for these stars:

Cures for the Five Yellow #5 Accidents & Loss star
Cures for the Illness Star #2
Cures for Lawsuits and Dispute Star #3
Cures for the Robbery & Violence Star #7
Enhancers for Prosperity Star #8
Enhancer for Mega Prosperity Star #9

Sutra of Cause and Effect

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