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Checklist for the Dragon

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Below are the all cures and enhancers recommended during my recent Feng Shui and Astrology Seminar for the Dragon.

For maximum protection against the year’s energies, get the Ultimate Feng Shui Bundle to balance the energies in your home, and then use this checklist to select specific amulets for your animal sign.

In addition to items below I recommend that all Dragons wear the Mandala Pendant with the Vajrapani Magic Amulet or the  Avert 180 afflictions amulet.

The Six Difficulties Star is quite serious – and requires a strong amulet cure to help reduce it’s effects.

Flying Star & 24 Mountain Stars

  • #3 Quarrels & Lawsuit Flying Star*
  • Small Auspicious (sitting)
  • Big Auspicious
  • Facing Shar* (Facing 3 Killings)

Good Zodiac Stars

  • Sun Star (one of the best stars!)
  • Climbing Saddle
  • Duke Virtue (Earth Dragon age 34)

Negative Zodiac Stars

  • Bad Qi
  • Six Difficulties*
  • Sky Emptiness (money loss)

* stars that bring conflict and disputes which can lead to legal issues.

Five Luck Forces

View the Photo Gallery for the five luck forces.


Vajrapani Power Amulet Card

Vajrapani is the King of Enlightened Deities for flying star chart #4. It is important for protecting against obstacles that stem from the transition between Period 8 and Period 9.

Moon Rabbit with Anti-Illness Amulet

Dragon very has low life force and spirit essence. The Moon Rabbit will help protect against illnesses in the home. You should also carry the Mandala Pendant and Namgyalma Amulet to protect your health and longevity.

Mongoose Spouting 9 Pots of Gold

For activating the #9 Future Prosperity Star in the North. Mitigates money loss brought by the Six Difficulties.

8 Horses bringing 8 Types of Prosperity

For activating the #8 current Prosperity Star in the South and preparing for Period of 9. Mitigates money loss brought by the Six Difficulties and enhances the Climbing Saddle Star in your chart.

Golden Queen Mother of the West

Activates the #6 star in the West. Brings helpful mentors and benefactors that can rescue you from obstacles brought by the Bad Qi and Six Difficulties Star.

2023 Three Killings Cure

For protection against the Three Killings that causes the Facing Shar star near your zodiac palace.

Peach Blossom Amulet Cards

To increase your popularity with others, and enjoy more romance in 2023! This is very important as Dragon has #3 quarrelsome star this year and your Peach Blossom amulets will help reduce clashes with others.

Three Rabbits & Apples Peace Amulet

To counter any conflict created by the Quarrelsome #3 star, Facing Shar (Three Killings) and Six Difficulties.

Monthly & Annual #3 Cure: Anti Court-Case Amulet

To counter any legal issues that could be created by #3 Lawsuit Star. Place it on your desk and read the invocation daily.

Amulet for Increasing Life Force

All Dragons have low life force. Carry the amulet for increasing life force to strengthen your longevity.

Amulet for Averting Spirit Harm

All Dragons have low spirit essence this year. Carry this amulet to protect against spirit harm. Or wear the Mandala Pendant with Vajrapani Magic Amulet.

Namgyalma Amulet

Dragon has low life force and spirit essence this year. This makes you vulnerable to Spirit harm and falling sick. Carry the Namgyalma amulet to increase your life span and protect against harms. You should also carry the Mandala Pendant with the Vajrapani Magic amulet to counter the Six Difficulties and dark energies.

Amulet for Increasing Windhorse

Dragon has neutral windhorse (lungta) but since your Spirit Essence and Life force is weak, having a strong Lungta (windhorse) will support you in doing well for the year. You should also carry the Namgyalma amulet and Mandala Pendant with Vajrapani Magic amulet this year.

Amulet for Rejuvenating the Body

For the Metal Dragon (age 83/23) and Earth Dragon (age 35) who have low Body luck force in 2023. If you're already a sick Dragon, carry this amulet even if your "body" luck is strong. This will help with recovery.

Amulet for Increasing Power

For the Fire Dragon who has low Power (wangthang) this year. This increases your influence and effectiveness in dealing with others. Other Dragons do not need this amulet.

Amulet for Protecting Children & Teens

For Dragon Children - to protect from sudden illness, bullying, gossip and spirits that harm children especially in a year with the #3 Quarrelsome Star in the Dragon location. This amulet protects young people from spirits and energy forces that harm young people.

Anti-Quarrels Amulet

All Dragons need this amulet for mitigating conflict and disputes caused by #3 Quarrelsome Star and Six Difficulties Star in your chart.

Amulet for Protection against Enemies

For Dragons who are in high positions of power and need to protect against evil schemes of enemies and competitors. This is especially important for male Dragons and Patriarchs who have to suffer the Five Yellow this year as well.

Amulet for Increasing Auspiciousness

The Bad Qi star brings general petty bad luck. The Amulet that increases Auspiciousness can help reduce "unluckiness" and improve your success in all endeavors.

Sutra of Cause and Effect

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