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Checklist for the Boar

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Luck Summary

The Boar faces a challenging year due to the Five Yellow in your sector, coupled with very average luck forces and low windhorse energies. You also have a few conflict, gossip and accident-causing stars that can hurt you physically and emotionally; so wearing the correct amulets it the best way to navigate the year with more confidence.

The most important thing you MUST do is to disarm the Five yellow in your home and ensure that both the annual and monthly stars are taken care of. For this you need the Eight Emanations of Guru Rinpoche placed in the Northwest, and use the Five Element Cure to suppress monthly Five yellow stars.

Fortunately you have 1 Big Auspicious Star, so I recommend wearing the Amulet for Increasing Auspiciousness to amplify the effects of this star. For maximum protection against the year’s energies, get the Ultimate Feng Shui Bundle (this has the full set of Amulet cards for 10% off + attractive add on deals) to balance the energies in your home and wear the Mandala pendant with the Amulet that Averts 180 Feng Shui afflictions. This will help dispel harmful energies that from the Five Yellow and many other types of feng shui afflictions.

To strengthen your personal energies, wear the Amulet for Increasing Windhorse and hang prayer flags this year. Regular smoke pujas and supplications to King Gesar will be very helpful in giving you the boost you need to get through the year unscathed.

Below are the all the stars that affect you this year. Scroll down to see the recommended cures and enhancers during my recent Feng Shui and Astrology Seminar for the Boar.

Flying Star & 24 Mountain Stars

  • # 5 Yellow (illness, accidents, money loss, misfortune)
  • Side Five Yellow (sitting)
  • Big Auspicious

Good Zodiac Stars

  • Heaven Wealth (Fire Boar age 75/15)
  • Duke Virtue Combo (Water Boar age 40)

Negative Zodiac Stars

  • White Tiger (accidents, illness)
  • Back Poking (gossip, slander, betrayal)
  • Sky Warrior (robbery, injury, money loss)
  • Earth Sha (obstacles, disaster)

Five Luck Forces

  • View the Photo Gallery to see the chart for the five luck forces.
  • Spirit Essence and Life force is average – so strengthen with Life Force Amulet.
  • Windhorse is very low – so it is crucial to wear the Amulet for Increasing Windhorse.
  • The Earth and Metal Boars need the Amulet for Rejuvenation
  • The Fire Boar needs the Amulet for Increasing Windhorse.

Vajrapani Power Amulet Card

Vajrapani is the King of Enlightened Deities for flying star chart #4. It is important for protecting against obstacles that stem from the transition between Period 8 and Period 9. Everybody needs Vajrapani this year.

Eight Emanations of Guru Rinpoche (5 Yellow Cure)

This is a must-have remedy for all Boars, especially Patriarch Boars. This is a powerful House Amulet for disarming the Five Yellow in your sector. Place this in a respectful location in the Northwest sector. Do ensure that you paste the coins (included) behind the card before putting it in the picture frame. This year I'm offering the Pema Kathang Pecha Amulet (FREE) with every purchase of this card. This is like a "turbo-charged amulet" that can protect the house from black magic and disasters; but I have very limited numbers - so please select this option ONLY if you really want it. Note that the Pema Kathang will add 300g to your shipping weight and may increase your shipping costs.

Monthly #5 Cure: Five Element Cure

For disarming the monthly Five Yellow. Do not use old Five Yellow Cures as they do not have any more power. Please burn past year's Five Element Cure.

Windfall Victory Cup

For strengthening the Victory #1 Star in the Southwest. Due to your low windhorse energies. activating the Victory star will help you close those deals and increase your success potential.

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Moon Rabbit with Anti-Illness Amulet

The Moon Rabbit is for protection against diseases and illness. The reverse side of the card has powerful mantras that dispel 1008 types of diseases. Boar has the White Tiger Star which brings illness and accidents. Display the Moon Rabbit to protect yourself from serious illness energies.

8 Horses bringing 8 Types of Prosperity

For activating the #8 current Prosperity Star in the South and preparing for Period of 9. Boar has the Five Yellow this year, which has a negative effect on your earning potential and wealth prospects. Place this in the South to mitigate this.

Mongoose Spouting 9 Pots of Gold

For activating the #9 Future Prosperity Star in the North. Boar has the Five Yellow this year, which has a negative effect on your earning potential and wealth prospects. Place this in the South to mitigate this.

Three Rabbits & Apples Peace Amulet

Boar has the Back Poking Star and White Tiger Star which causes others to slander or gossip about you. The Sky Warrior Star brings misunderstandings due to poor communication. Displaying the Three Rabbits and Apples Peace Amulet in the East or somewhere on your office desk will help keep your life more peaceful throughout the year.

Peach Blossom Amulet Cards

Due to some of the conflict stars in your chart, it's advisable to carry your Peach blossom cards to increase your popularity with others, and enjoy more romance in 2023! This will also reduce hostility around you.

Amulet for Business Success

For increasing success luck in business - carry this if you're in business. The Five yellow brings financial loss, so mitigate this with the Amulet for Business Success.

Amulet for Increasing Wealth

For increasing wealth and bringing wealth-creation opportunities. The Five yellow brings financial loss, so mitigate this with the Amulet for Increasing Wealth.

Amulet for Increasing Windhorse

Boar has very low windhorse (lungta) this year, making it difficult to succeed. Given that you also have the Five Yellow, you need to strengthen your Windhorse. All Boars should carry this amulet and hang windhorse flags to strengthen their windhorse. Display King Gesar in your home and make regular smoke pujas.

King Gesar

For bringing success and increasing your windhorse. Place on your altar and offer a glass of beer every day. Chant his mantra OM AH HUM VAJRA GURU PEMA SIDDHI HUM. If you already have this amulet card from last year, you do not need to get it again. Just use the same card from last year.

King Gesar Flag

King Gesar is the controller of the windhorse. Hang his flag as high as you can in your home (outside) where the wind can blow. If this is not possible, hang it high up in your home.

Out of stock

Amulet for Increasing Life Force

The Boar has average life force. Given that you have the Five Yellow and White Tiger star, i recommend fortifying your Life Force a little more to give you the energy to rise above some of the year's challenges.

Namgyalma Amulet

The Boar has the Five Yellow and White Tiger star. I recommend carrying the Namgyalma Amulet to safeguard against mishaps, accidents and life-threats for Boars who are travelling a lot this year.

Amulet for Rejuvenating the Body

For the Earth Boar (age 64/4) and Metal Boar (age 52) have weak "Body" luck force in 2023. If you are already a sick Boar, this amulet will help with recovery.

Amulet for Increasing Power

For the Fire Boar who has low Power (wangthang) this year. This increases your influence and effectiveness in dealing with others. Other Boars do not need this amulet.

Amulet for Increasing Auspiciousness

To amplify the affects of the single Big Auspicious Star in your chart.

Amulet for Protecting Children & Teens

For Boar Children - to protect from sudden illness, bullying, violence, gossip and spirits that harm children. This amulet protects young people from spirits and energy forces that harm young people - very important for Boar children as they the Five Yellow, White Tiger and Back Poking Stars. This is suitable for all individuals up to age 20.

Anti-Quarrels Amulet

For mitigating conflict and disputes caused by Five Yellow, Back Poking, White Tiger and Sky Warrior stars in the Boar's chart this year.

Amulet for Protection against Enemies

Boars (both Patriarchs and Matriarchs) who are leaders in political or large organizations need to carry this amulet to protect against harm caused by fierce enemies or competitors.

Anti-Gossip Amulet

For preventing gossip by others from ruining you. Boar needs this amulet because of the White Tiger, Earth Sha, Back Poking and Sky Warrior stars.

Incense Powders

For doing smoke pujas and increasing your windhorse. Any of the powders are suitable for Riwo Sangcho Puja.

Sutra of Cause and Effect

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