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Checklist for the Monkey

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Flying Star & 24 Mountain Stars

  • # 1 Star of Victory
  • sitting: Robbery Sha
  • Siting Sha (Three Killings)
  • Yin House (mourning or death)

Good Zodiac Stars

  • Heaven Horse (significant travelling)
  • Earth Relief (earth deities bring help)
  • Moon Virtue (help from female nobleman)
  • National Treasure (promotion, benefactor support)
  • Duke Virtue (Earth Monkey age 54)

Negative Zodiac Stars

  • Robbery Sha (robbery & cheating)
  • Lesser Consumer (extravagance)
  • Death Charm (encounter with death)
  • Red Chamber (whirlwind fling)

Five Luck Forces

  • View the Photo gallery to see your five luck forces.
  • Monkey’s spirit essence and life force is strong this year!
  • Fire Monkey needs the Amulet for Increasing Power
  • Metal and Water Monkeys need the Amulet for Rejuvenating the body

Luck Summary

The Monkey’s career will do fairly well thanks to benevolent nobleman stars in your chart. Moon Virtue Star brings you a female qui-ren – so inviting the Golden Mother of the West and displaying the Victory Cup card is crucial for  your success. Your luck profile is very strong so you can weather quite a few storms this year. But beware of your spending (Lesser Consumer star) and roving eyes (Red Chamber)! Carry the Increasing Wealth + Increasing Money amulet to curb extravagance. Married Monkeys should use the Peach Blossom Cards and Marriage Harmony amulet to reduce the likelihood of straying. Robbery Stars bring violence so display the Anti Burglary House amulet, and carry the Anti Robbery amulet while travelling. Earth Relief Star brings help from local deities so do make offerings to them often to gain their support.

Below are the all cures and enhancers recommended during my recent Feng Shui and Astrology Seminar for the Monkey.

For best protection against the year’s energies, get the Ultimate Feng Shui Bundle to balance the energies in your home, and then use this checklist to select specific amulets for your animal sign.


Vajrapani Power Amulet Card

Vajrapani is the King of Enlightened Deities for flying star chart #4. It is important for protecting against obstacles that stem from the transition between Period 8 and Period 9. Everyone needs Vajrapani in 2023.

Windfall Victory Cup

For strengthening the Monkey's Victory #1 Star in the Southwest. Brings victory in all pursuits.

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Golden Queen Mother of the West

Activates the #6 star in the West. For gaining benefits from the Moon Virtue Star and Earth Relief Stars.

2023 Anti-Robbery House Amulet

Monkey has two Robbery Stars this year! Hang this in on a structural pillar or wall the Northeast sector of your home to protect against thieves or robbers. Carry the Anti Robbery Amulet when you're not at home.

Anti-Robbery Amulet

For Protection against robbery and thieves while you're travelling or not at home.

8 Horses bringing 8 Types of Prosperity

For activating the #8 current Prosperity Star in the South and preparing for Period of 9. This is vital as you also have the Lesser Consumer Star.

Mongoose Spouting 9 Pots of Gold

For activating the #9 Future Prosperity Star in the North. This is important as you have the Lesser Consumer Star.

Peach Blossom Amulet Cards

Carry your Peach blossom cards to increase your popularity with others, and enjoy more romance in 2023!

Amulet for Business Success

For luck in business and mitigating the Lesser Consumer Star.

Amulet for Increasing Wealth

For increasing asset wealth in the long run and mitigating the Lesser Consumer Star.

Amulet for Rejuvenating the Body

For the Metal Monkey (age 43) and Water Monkey (age 91/31) who have low Body luck force in 2023. Other Monkeys do not need this.

Amulet for Increasing Power

For the Fire Monkey who has low Power (wangthang) this year. This increases your influence and effectiveness in dealing with others. Other Monkeys do not need this amulet.

Amulet for Protecting Children & Teens

For Monkey Children - to protect from sudden illness, violence, bullying, gossip and spirits that harm children. Very important for Monkey children and teenagers as you have 2 Robbery Stars that bring violence this year.

Marriage Harmony Amulet Stickers

This is for Married Monkeys only. Paste behind your wedding/couples photo and write the names of the bride and groom in the correct places. It helps to mend quarrels and reduce likelihood of a third party splitting up a marriage.

Sutra of Cause and Effect

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