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Checklist for the Rooster

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Luck Summary

The Rooster is badly afflicted by the Sui Po Star, also known as Year Breaker Star (this is a Grand Clash with the Tai Sui), which means you can expect a year of obstacles and difficulties. But the good news is that this clash can be mitigated significantly if you have both the Tai Sui House Amulet and carry the Yin Tai Sui amulet throughout the year. So this is the FIRST important thing you must do for the year.

On the positive note, the Water Rooster (age 89/29) is happily immune to the Tai Sui affliction thanks to the Duke Virtue Combo which mitigates this for you. You’re the only Rooster who does not need to carry the Tai Sui Yin Amulet, but I still recommend displaying the Tai Sui House Amulet.

The next annoying star you need to disarm is the Three Killings Star, which comes with the Calamity Sha Star (it’s evil twin). Both these stars bring quarrels, injuries, accidents and loss – so display the Three Killings Cure in the West to disarm them.

But here’s the good news! You have the Divine #6 Star in your sector – which brings excellent support from the great divine! Invite the Golden Mother of the West to gain her protection and blessings. Another piece of good news is that your luck profile is VERY STRONG this year! This will give you much needed strength and energy to cope with some of the year’s afflictions. You are so blessed because your personal luck energies is really your best astrological asset this year. You do not really need to do much to enhance this – although if you’re a little worried, you can wear the Namgyalma Amulet to protect your life against the Calamity Sha and Three Killings while you’re travelling and not within the protective energies of your home.

In terms of wearing amulets, it’s much better you focus your efforts in disarming some of the stars that can bring serious damage to your relationships and financial position.

The first damaging star is the Great Consumer Star which brings sudden financial loss; this could be a job loss or investment loss – but mitigating this is crucial if the Rooster wants to keep their financial position secure. For this I recommend displaying the two wealth amulet cards of the year – the Mongoose Spouting 9 pots of gold, and the 8 Horses bring 8 Types of Prosperity. Carry the Amulet for Increasing Wealth with you throughout the year. This helps to enhance your Jade Hall Star which indicates that some of your assets may increase in value this year. The Fire Rooster is also has the Heaven Wealth Star which brings unexpected money luck.

Relationships with others will suffer due to the Three Killings, Sui Po Star and Sky Sadness Star – so carry your Peach Blossom Amulet Cards to ensure smooth things over when things get a little rough. Due to the Salty Pool star there could be a tendency for married Roosters to stray. Counter this with the Marriage Harmony Amulet.

Below are the all stars that affect the Rooster, and the cures and enhancers recommended during my recent Feng Shui and Astrology Seminar for the Rooster. 

For maximum protection against the year’s energies, I recommend getting the full set of Amulet Cards using the Ultimate Feng Shui Bundle (10% off full set + discounted add-ons) to balance the energies in your home, and then use this checklist to select specific amulets for your animal sign.

Flying Star & 24 Mountain Stars

  • # 6 Divine Star
  • Sitting – Sui Po (Grand Clash with Tai Sui)
  • full sector- Sitting Sha (Three Killings)
  • Calamity Star (Disaster)
  • Three Killings

Good Zodiac Stars

  • Jade Hall (asset increase)
  • Moon Emptiness (multiply good and bad stars)
  • Duke Virtue Combo (Water Rooster age 89/29)
  • Heaven Wealth (Fire Rooster age 62/5)

Negative Zodiac Stars

  • Great Consumer Star (unexpected financial loss)
  • Obstacles Star
  • Sky Sadness Star
  • Prison Star (physical or mental trap)
  • Salty Pool Star (desire-increasing star)

Five Luck Forces

  • View the Photo Gallery to see the chart for your five luck forces.
  • Rooster has STRONG this year!
  • Your windhorse, spirit essence and life force
  • Metal and Water Rooster have weaker health due to low “Body” rating
  • Fire Rooster needs the Amulet for Increasing Power

Vajrapani Power Amulet Card

Vajrapani is the King of Enlightened Deities for flying star chart #4. It is important for protecting against obstacles that stem from the transition between Period 8 and Period 9. Everyone needs the protection of Vajrapani this year - especially the Rooster who is directly clashing with the year!

2023 Tai Sui House Amulet

All Roosters need to display this in the East to dispel the Suipo Star. Place one in your home and one in the office.

2023 Yin & Yang Tai Sui Amulets

All Roosters need to carry the Yin Tai Sui Amulet this year except the Water Rooster (age 89/29) who enjoys the protection from the Duke Virtue Combo.

2023 Three Killings Cure

All Roosters need to disarm the Three Killings and Calamity Sha with this cure. Display it in the West.

Golden Queen Mother of the West

This amulet card activates the #6 star in the West, which is the Rooster's location. All Roosters should invite the Golden Queen Mother into the West sector to enhance their personal luck and gain her blessings and protection.

8 Horses bringing 8 Types of Prosperity

For activating the #8 current Prosperity Star in the South and preparing for Period of 9. This is a very important enhancer for all Roosters this year, to mitigate the Great Consumer Star.

Mongoose Spouting 9 Pots of Gold

For activating the #9 Future Prosperity Star in the North. This is a very important enhancer for all Roosters this year, to mitigate the Great Consumer Star.

Peach Blossom Amulet Cards

Peach Blossom Amulets will enhance your popularity with others and reduce conflict. Carry it in your wallet throughout the year to enjoy a more pleasant dealings with others and more romance too!

Three Rabbits & Apples Peace Amulet

To quell conflicts and disputes, conflicts and quarrels this year. Display the side with the Three Apples.

Amulet for Increasing Wealth

For increasing asset wealth and protecting against money loss. This is a very important amulet for all Roosters this year, to mitigate the Great Consumer Star and enhance the Jade Hall star.

Amulet for Business Success

For Roosters who run a business or have a job in sales, this is an important amulet for all Roosters this year, to mitigate the Great Consumer Star.

Namgyalma Amulet

Wear the Namgyalma amulet while travelling to protect against the Three Killings & Calamity Sha while you are not at home.

Amulet for Rejuvenating the Body

For the Metal Rooster (age 42) and Water Rooster (age 89/29) who have low Body luck force in 2023. Other Roosters do not need to get this amulet.

Amulet for Increasing Power

For the Fire Rooster (age 66) who has low Power (wangthang) this year. This increases your influence and effectiveness in dealing with others. Other Roosters do not need this amulet.

Amulet for Protecting Children & Teens

For Rooster Children - to protect from sudden illness, bullying, gossip and spirits that harm children. This amulet protects young people from spirits and energy forces that harm young people - very important for Rooster children as they have the Tai Sui affliction, Three Killings and Calamity Sha.

Marriage Harmony Amulet Stickers

Rooster has the Salty Pool star which can cause affairs. This amulet is for Married Roosters only. Paste it behind your wedding/couples photo and write the names of the bride and groom in the correct places. It helps to mend quarrels and reduce likelihood of a third party splitting up a marriage.

Sutra of Cause and Effect

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