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Eight Emanations of Guru Rinpoche (5 Yellow Cure)


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For suppressing the dreaded Five Yellow Star (Wu Wang) which brings financial losses, accidents and illness.

  • According to Flying Star Feng Shui, the #5 star is the most dangerous star of misfortune.
  • It attracts accidents, illness, losses in relationships and finances.
  • The Five Yellow moves to a different sector each year.
  • In 2023, the #5 star flies into the Northwest sector, harming those whose bedrooms, entrances or zodiac sectors are in this location.
  • It brings serious danger to the Patriarch (male parents and leaders) and those born in year of Dog and Boar.
  • Since the 5 Yellow afflicts the luck of the Patriarch, the best cure for the 5 Yellow is the image of Guru Rinpoche, the ultimate powerful Patriarch with his two consorts
  • Optional: 1x “Pema Kathang” Pecha Amulet will be given free with every purchase of this card (while stocks last) if you select the option below. 

Amulet Features:

Side 1: Eight Emanations of Guru Rinpoche

  • Features the Eight Emanations of Guru Padmasambhava with his two celestial queens
  • The eight emanations are: Shakya Sengye, Pema Gyalpo, Nyima Ozer, Dorje Drollod, Senge Dradok, Lodan Chokse, Pema Jungne, Orgyen Dorje Chang
  • The two celestial queens are Mandarewa (long life dakini) and Yeshe Tsogyal (dakini of magical powers)
  • The Eight Emanations is also available in A4, A3 and A2 sizes (canvas and Art Card) separately
  • The presence of this powerful image in any home brings blessings and protects against many forms of physical and spiritual dangers.

Side 2: Invocation + 5 coins 

  • This sacred invocation invokes the presence of the Eight mandala deities, Eight Knowledge Holders and Eight Emanations
  • Auspicious Chinese coins that transforms the 5 Yellow into five types of good luck: Money, Business, Health, Descendants and Travel
  • Includes 5 auspicious copper i-Ching coins to activate the cure (see activation instructions below)
  • Display this side if the NW is in your bedroom.

Who Needs this Amulet?

  • All Patriarchs – place an extra one on your desk and read Side 2 daily.
  • All houses should have at least one Five Element Cure in the home at any given year.
  • Especially those whose bedroom, living room or entrance are in the Northwest in 2023
  • Those born in years of Dog and Boar

Activation Instructions:

  1. Detach the card from the packing sleeve.
  2. Using glue or double-sided sticky tape, paste the i-Ching coins onto the drawings of the I-Ching Coins.
  3. Mount the amulet card inside a 5R sized photo frame (13×8 cm / 5×7 inches).
  4. gold-gilded or silver metal photo frame is recommended (this is not provided with the amulet card)
  5. Display it in the Northwest location. Can also be placed on the desk and read daily to dispel the 5 Yellow.

Note:  This is sacred item. Do not place it on the floor or step over it. Do not place it facing a toilet door or inside a toilet. If your NW is in the bathroom, display this in the NW corner of the living room.


Free Pema Kathang Amulet Text

The Pema Kathang is a powerful amulet text that contains the entire life story of all the emanations of Guru Rinpoche. When placed in a home, it protects against black magic and eight categories of misfortune. Place it next to the Eight Emanations of Guru Rinpoche, or on your altar if you have one.
Note: This item weighs 300g and will add extra weight to your shipping costs. Please select the option below if you would like it included FREE with your purchase (while stocks last). 

Sutra of Cause and Effect

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