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Tarot Card Reading


Tarot Card Reading (60 mins)

This reading is for 60 minutes (or part thereof) in person or over Zoom.  During this time you may ask as many questions as you wish regarding any topic. If there is still leftover time within the session, then I will also offer you a Dakini Card Reading. If the nature of your reading requires a divination, then I will offer you a divination instead of a Tarot Card reading.

What is a Tarot Card Reading?

A Tarot card reading is a spread of oracle cards that can reveal what’s coming up in your within the next 6 months. It can offer clarity on how to proceed if you are facing a dilemma or need to make a decision where you have doubts or uncertainties. In many cases, the cards can reveal hidden issues that you were not even aware of! Examples of questions asked in a Tarot Card Reading are:
  • How is my Love luck for this year?
  • Will this person return the money I lent them?
  • Should I quit my job now? Which job offer is better?
  • Is my boyfriend having an affair with this lady? Does he like me? Will we breakup?
  • Should I stay in my job or start a new business? Should I partner with this person to start a business?
  • Will this product launch be a success?

What is a Divination Reading?

Some questions are beyond the scope of Tarot Cards in terms of time frames. For such questions, I recommend performing a Divination. Tarot cards can reveal the forces that influence the current situation and predict short-term outcomes; but it is limited in how far it can see towards the future (only 6-12 months). In a Divination, we consult the highest cosmic forces of the universe to gain insights into the long term future. Spiritual preparations have to be done before performing a divination. I often recommend doing a divination if you wish to make a big life-altering decision, or when the consequences of your decision can be very costly if you make a wrong decision. For example, the types of questions more suited to Divination are:

  • Should I marry this man or woman?
  • Should I do this medical surgery?
  • Should I include XX person in my will?
  • Should I adopt this child?
  • Is this a good year to have a child?
  • Am i being attacked by black magic?
  • Should I move cities / state / countries?
  • Should I send my son to America or the UK for his studies?
  • Should I buy this land/house/business?

What happens after I purchase this reading?

Once you have completed the transaction, you will receive emails from me about how to schedule an appointment for your reading. If you haven’t heard from me within 24 hours, please check your SPAM folder (in case my email ended up there) and UNSPAM me so that you will continue to receive communication from me. You can always get in touch with me via by email.

How will the reading be conducted?

Our session will be conducted over a WhatsApp Video Call or Zoom. In-person visits will be offered to those living in Malaysia if this is our second reading. First readings are always done online.

Important Information:

  • No refunds will be given after purchase. If you are not sure if this is right for you, please contact me first before purchasing.
  • Our Tarot Session must be booked within 60 days of purchase.

Additional Options

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