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Matriarch Protection Amulet Sticker


Sticker for pasting behind the woman’s portrait photograph for enhancing personal power and protect against harm.

  • Protection against office politics and enemies
  • Increasing harmony with friends and co-workers
  • Support from superiors, business partners and one’s own family
  • With powerful symbols to enhance power, position and success

Suitable for:

  • Matriarchs (Mothers and grandmothers)
  • Women in high positions of power
  • Women who need more confidence

Activating Instructions

  1. Select a Portrait photograph of yourself. Make sure that you are smiling!
  2. It’s best if the portrait portrays you as a successful person (i.e. well dressed and adorned with makeup and jewelry)
  3. The size of your picture should be at least 6R size (6 x 8 inches / 15.2 x 20.3cm)
  4. Write your name and date of birth in red ink in the centre of the throne
  5. Paste this Matriarch enhancer sticker behind your photograph
  6. Frame your photograph.
  7. Display your photo in the Southwest.


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