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King Gesar


King Gesar is the most powerful Warrior Deity in the universe. He is often supplicated when one needs spiritual guidance for success in financial matters as well as protection from one’s external and internal enemies.

It is highly beneficial to invite King Gesar into your life and make offerings to him to enjoy these benefits:

  • Career advancement and help with navigating office politics.
  • Success in honest business activities
  • Overcome court case problems
  • Victory in disputes with others

King Gesar embodies the energies of victory.

  • Hence his image is often displayed in the sector there the #1 Victory Star visits in order to amplify this auspicious energy.
  • In 2022, the #1 Victory Star flies into the North location.
  • Hang this amulet card in the North sector in 2022.

About this Amulet Card

  • The front of the amulet card features the image of King Gesar riding his magnificent steed.
  • The back of the amulet card has the Windhorse invocation for increasing one’s windhorse

Who Needs this Enhancer?

  • Every house should have at least 1 image of King Gesar
  • Those whose windhorse are low (bad or very bad) in any given year
  • Those who have robbery stars or money loss stars this year

Activating Instructions:

  1. Mount the amulet card inside a 5R sized photo frame (13×8 cm / 5×7 inches).
  2. Display this amulet in the North location of your living room or home from 25th Jan 2022 onwards.

Note: This card has already been consecrated and suitable to be placed in an altar. It is a sacred item. Please do not place it on the floor, step over it or hang it in the toilet.

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