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Pair of Love Swans


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A beautiful art piece designed specially to maximize the romantic energies of 2022 and reduce the chances of infidelity in a relationship.

  • In 2022 the romance #4 Star flies into the Southeast sector.
  • For singles, this feng shui enhancer helps you to attract a faithful, loyal and financially stable partner into your life
  • For married couples, it increases the financial success, romance and faithfulness of the union.

About “A Pair of Love Swans”

Front Side features:

  • A pair of white swans gazing lovingly at each other.
  • Swans are a potent symbol of love as they remain faithful to their spouse throughout their lives.
  • A beautiful full moon shines double happiness moonbeams onto the couple, blessing the union with happiness, conjugal bliss and descendants luck
  • Cherry blossoms bring peach-blossom luck to keep the passion and attraction between a couple alive!

Back Side features:

  • A Golden Carriage to capture the energies of the Golden Carriage Star
  • Two boxes for writing the names of married or engaged couples.
  • The golden nest eggs and pile of gold increases the prosperity luck of the union.

Who Needs this Enhancer?

  • Couples already in serious relationships, engaged or married
  • Singles who wish to attract a financially stable, loyal and serious suitor

Activating Instructions:

  1. Mount it inside a 5R sized photo frame (13×8 cm / 5×7 inches).
  2. A gold-gilded or silver-coated photo frame is recommended (not provided with this amulet).
  3. For married/engaged couples: using a permanent marker pen, write your names in red ink. 

Where to place this enhancer?

  • In the Southeast (2021) to amplify the #4 Romance flying star
  • In the Southwest or your personal Nien Yen sector of the bedroom/living room

Note: All feng shui energizers should be treated with respect. Do not place this item on the floor or step over it. Do not place it facing a toilet door or inside a toilet.

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