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Monthly #5: Five Element Cure


For the weakening the dreaded Five Yellow Star (Wu Wang) which brings accidents, losses and danger.

  • The #5 star is the most dangerous star of misfortune, and it visits a different sector each month
  • It attracts accidents, losses in relationships and financial resources.
  • In 2022, the #5 star afflicts the central sector, bringing harm to those whose bedrooms or entrances are in this location.
  • Specially designed to weaken the Annual and Monthly Five Yellow
  • Includes 5 auspicious copper i-Ching coins to activate the cure (see activation instructions below)

Amulet Features:

The front side:

  • The powerful five element pagoda adorned with magic syllables
  • Five auspicious money trees that shed leaves of gold coins
  • The 5 element purification mantra that dissolves negative energies.
  • This mantra can be recited while taking a shower or bath to wash away any lingering bad energies that afflict you

The back side:

  • Five Treasure Chests to bring money and gold from the Five Yellow
  • Auspicious Chinese coins that transforms the 5 Yellow into five types of good luck: Money, Business, Health, Descendants and Travel

Who Needs this Amulet?

  • All houses should have at least one Five Element Cure in the home. It also dispels the monthly 5 Yellow that moves to different sectors each month.
  • Especially those whose bedroom, living room or entrance are in the Southeast in 2021
  • Anyone born in year of Snake or Dragon

Activation Instructions:

  1. Carefully detach the card from the mounting board.
  2. Using glue or double-sided sticky tape, paste the i-Ching coins onto the drawings of the I-Ching Coins. Be sure to match the Chinese words to the right coins.
  3. Mount the amulet card inside a 5R sized photo frame (13×8 cm / 5×7 inches).
  4. gold-gilded or silver metal photo frame is recommended (this is not provided with the amulet card)
  5. Display it in the location where the MONTHLY Five Yellow enters.
  6. This can also be placed on the desk and read daily to cleanse the effects of the 5 Yellow from your mind and body
  7. This item should be burnt (following correct instructions) after using it for a year.

Note:  This is sacred item. Do not place it on the floor or step over it. Do not place it facing a toilet door or inside a toilet.

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