2023 Anti-Robbery House Amulet


For the weakening the robbery qi energies brought by the Robbery stars of 2023.

There are two Robbery Stars brought by astrological stars of 2023:

  1. Major Robbery star #7 in Northeast
  2. Minor Robbery Star in Southwest 3

Robbery stars bring burglary, betrayal, bullying and violence from metal weapons.

  • In 2023, the Major Robbery Flying Star #7 star affects young men aged 17-25 and those born in the Tiger and Ox years.
  • It also and brings harm to those spending time in Northeast sectors, or have any entrance in the Northeast.
  • The minor Robbery star in Southwest 3 affects those born in Monkey year

Amulet Features (Front):

  • Powerful Anti-Robbery Amulet
  • Special invocations to dispel harm from robbery
  • A text box for writing the address of dwelling to be protected

Amulet Features (Back):

  • A precious umbrella for protection
  • Powerful Invocations of the White Parasol Goddess to dispel 84,000 types of harms.

Who Needs this Amulet?

  • All dwellings require this house amulet for protection against robbery.
  • Anyone who spends time in NE or SW sector this year.
  • Those born in year of Ox, Tiger and Monkey.

Activation Instructions:

  1. Write the address of the dwelling (to be protected) in the space provided using a permanent marker pen with blue or black ink.
  2. The address should be the same property where this amulet will be hung.
  3. Mount the amulet card inside a 5R sized photo frame (13×8 cm / 5×7 inches).
  4. A dark blue or black photo frame is recommended.
  5. Affix this amulet on a structural wall in the Entrance, Northeast or Southwest sector of the living room or home from 20th January 2023 onwards.

Note: This amulet should be used only for Year of the Water Rabbit (2023). Once the year has concluded, it should be removed and burnt according to proper instructions. This is sacred item. Do not place it on the floor or step over it.

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