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2023 Three Killings Cure


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For neutralizing the afflictive energies created by the Three Killings. The Three Killings is an annual affliction that brings three types of losses…

  • Loss of Reputation, Loss of Loved One and Loss of the Money
  • In 2023, the Three Killings occupies 90 degrees in the West Sector bringing direct harm the Rooster, Dog and Monkey.
  • Indirectly, the Three Killings harm the: Rabbit, Tiger and Dragon.
  • Wherever the Three Killings resides, the Calamity Star is also present.
  • Do not perform renovations, dig holes or cut down trees in the West location this year.
  • One must not sit with your back facing the Three Killings direction (West this yeer).
  • It’s OK sit facing the Three Killings (which is in East this year).
  • Those who are doing renovation are advised to wear the Renovation Works Amulet for protection against harming local deities and soil spirits.

Amulet Features:

The front side:

  • Specially designed to weaken the energies of the Three Killings and Calamity Star
  • The magical invocation of the syllable AH dissolves all bad energy instantly!
  • Important fire elements to disarm against the three losses mentioned
  • Protection from the three Guardians of Autumn: the Rooster, Dog and Monkey

The back side:

  • A potent amulet for dissolving harm caused by the Three Killings

Who Needs this Amulet?

  • All houses should display this in the West location to subdue negative energies brought by the Three Killings
  • Especially those whose bedroom, living room or entrance are in the West in 2023
  • Animal signs directly harmed by Three Killings: Rooster, Dog, Monkey
  • Animal signs indirectly harmed by Three Killings: Rabbit, Dragon, Tiger

Activation Instructions:

  1. Mount the amulet card inside a 5R sized photo frame (13×8 cm / 5×7 inches).
  2. Display it in the West sector of the living room or home

Important: This amulet should be displayed only for the Year of the Water Rabbit. On 1st February 2024, remove this amulet and burn it from the bottom of the picture upwards while reciting “OM VAJRA MU” (7x).

Note:  This is sacred item. Do not place it on the floor or step over it. Do not place it facing a toilet door or inside a toilet.

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