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2023 Yin & Yang Tai Sui Amulets


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For protecting against harm from the Water Rabbit’s Tai Sui Deity – General Pi Shi.

  • There are five animal signs that run the risk of “offending” the Tai Sui in 2023.
  • All these signs must carry the Yin/Yang Tai Sui amulet close to their body throughout the year.
  • The Yin/Yang Amulets are rice-paper amulets made according to traditional Taoist tradition.

Yin Tai Sui Amulet:

  • The Rabbit is said to host the Tai Sui.
  • The Rooster is said to clash directly with the Tai Sui.
  • The Rabbit and Rooster should carry the Yin Tai Sui Amulet in 2023.

Yang Tai Sui Amulet:

  • The Dog has the Sui Sha (Harm from Tai Sui) star.
  • The Horse and Rat have side clashes with the Tai Sui.
  • The Rat, Horse and Dog signs should carry the Yang Tai Sui Amulet in 2023.


  1. Yin and Yang amulets are best worn throughout the year – especially for the Rooster and Rabbit.
  2. If you are not able to wear it, then place the amulet and your passport photo together inside the red envelope.
  3. Carry it with you always – inside your handphone cover, handbag or wallet throughout the Year of the Water Rabbit 2023.
  4. Burn the amulet at the end of the Water Rabbit year.

Amulet Sets for wearing are now available for a small additional cost. Please select options below:

Includes a plastic sleeve and amulet clip (4mm gold, 3.3mm gold, 3.3mm steel). Click here to watch video on how to use the Amulet pins

None Plastic Amulet Sleeve + 4.4mm Gold Pin +RM5.00 Plastic Amulet Sleeve + 3.3 mm Gold Pin +RM5.00 Plastic Amulet Sleeve + 3.3 mm Stainless Steel Pin +RM5.00

Each set comes with a silk brocade pouch, cord, pin and sewing kit. Limited quantities available.

None Wu Lou Amulet Set +RM11.99 Protect Child Amulet Set +RM11.99 Red Brocade Amulet Set +RM11.99 Yellow Brocade Amulet Set +RM11.99

Always purchased together

2023 Tai Sui House Amulet

Sutra of Cause and Effect

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