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8 Doors Formation


Price in other currencies is an estimate only based on current exchange rates. Your credit card will be charged in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).

  • Create the Eight Door Formation to invite luck from all the eight directions.
  • Once activated, this set of auspicious feng shui enhancers should be kept in place for 9 years.
  • Available in singles or whole pack.
  1. North Door for Career Advancement
  2. East Door for Health and Longevity
  3. South Door for Fame and Recognition
  4. West Door for Talented Descendants
  5. Northeast Door for Wisdom & Knowledge
  6. Northwest Door for Nobleman Luck
  7. Southeast Door for Wealth Accumulation
  8. Southwest Door for Marriage & Family Luck

This item is offered as a “set” because all eight items are needed to set up the “formation”. It contains a total of 8 amulet cards + 8 stickers. If you order one item from the set, stickers will be pasted for you.


  1. To activate the each door, match the key stickers to the each door and stick them onto the space provided in Side 1 (the “closed” door). This symbolically “opens” the door. Note the correction mentioned behind the key stickers.
  2. Mount the card with Side 2 (the door opened) facing outwards in a 5R photo frame.
  3. Hang the amulet card in the direction mentioned on each card. For best results, display these doors before the end of Water Tiger year.
  4. All eight doors should be placed in a single living space (small taichi).
  5. If you move residence, you can bring it with you however there is a simple ritual required. Please write to me to ask how this can be done.

Sutra of Cause and Effect

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