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Moon Rabbit with Anti-Illness Amulet


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For enhancing longevity and protecting against illness. This amulet is for those afflicted by the yearly, monthly and #2 Illness Star.

  • The #2 Star brings serious illness and infertility, bringing danger to pregnant ladies and elderly.
  • In 2023, the #2 star flies into the East, bringing danger to all eldest sons, men aged in 40s and those born in year of Rabbit.
  • 1x Precious Long Life Pill from Maratika will be given FREE with every purchase (while stocks last) if you select the option below

About this Amulet

  • The front of this amulet card features the image of the Moon Rabbit Bodhisattva making longevity pills.
  • The bright full moon amplifies the power of the Anti-Illness Amulet.
  • The back of this amulet card is printed with a mantra amulet known to destroy all diseases.
  • This amulet should be affixed to the house on a structural pillar by the head of the house (the main breadwinner) on a water element day or winter month.

Who Needs this Enhancer?

  • The illness star affects everyone, so we recommend each house displays this amulet.
  • All Rabbits and Men aged 40-60.
  • Anyone who is already ill or prone to falling ill
  • Anyone wishing to conceive or is already pregnant
  • Excellent for placing in the room of elderly or pregnant ladies
  • Rabbit and Tiger (who has the Sickness Star)
  • Animal signs who have low Life force or “Body” Luck this year should also display this amulet card.

Activating Instructions:

  1. This beautifully printed amulet card fits in any 5R photo frame.
  2. Mount the amulet card inside a 5R sized photo frame (13×8 cm / 5×7 inches).
  3. A gold-gilded photo frame is recommended (not provided with this amulet).
  4. Display this amulet on your altar or in the East location of your living room or home on 20th January 2023 onwards
  5. This amulet plaque should be affixed to the house on a structural pillar by the head of the house (the main breadwinner) on a water element day.

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Sutra of Cause and Effect

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