Golden Mother of the West


For inviting blessings from the Golden Mother of the West

  • The #6 Star brings divine mentorship and guidance from heaven.
  • In 2023, the #6 star flies into the West.
  • The West is associated with the Lake Trigram Dui and is ruled by the Golden Mother of the Jade Lake
  • Display her image in the West sector of your living room or home to invite her blessings and protection.
  • Those who have the #6 star, Heavenly Nobleman Stars, or any bad Heavenly/Sky stars can benefit from having her image in your home.
  • Patriarchs (who are afflicted by the 5 Yellow) should also display the Jade Emperor in the Northwest.

About the Golden Mother of the Jade Lake

  • The front of this amulet card features the image of Xiwangmu (also known as Yaochi Jinmu) the Golden Mother of the Jade Lake.
  • She is known as the most enlightened and powerful Taoist goddess who resides in the Western Pure Land
  • On her right hand she carries the fly whisk – an ancient symbol of royalty which she uses to dispel calamities and misfortune
  • On the right hand, she carries the Ruyi Scepter , where she bestows rank and power to worthy individuals with pure heart.
  • She is also known as the Goddess of Longevity; her pure land has an immortal peach which transforms a person into an immortal.
  • The back of this amulet card features her mantra wheel.

Who Needs this Enhancer?

  • All young career women aged between 20-40 years old.
  • Those born in year of Rooster, Dog and Monkey
  • Those who enjoy the Heavenly Wealth Star this year
  • Animal signs who have “heaven” or “sky” stars:
    • Rat – Heaven Virtue Star
    • Ox – Golden Deity Star, Sky Bright, Sky Dog
    • Tiger – Heaven Amulet, Heaven Officer Charm
    • Rabbit – Heaven Nobleman, Sky Noble, Heaven Chef, Sky Cry
    • Dragon – Sky Emptiness
    • Snake – Sky Fortune, Sky Gracious, Great Sha
    • Horse – Sky Happiness, Heaven Officer
    • Sheep – Relief God, Sky Relief
    • Monkey – Heaven Horse
    • Rooster – Sky Sadness, #6 Flying Star
    • Dog – Sky Sha, Dark Sky Star
    • Boar – Sky Warrior, Earth Sha

Activating Instructions:

  1. Mount the amulet card inside a 5R sized photo frame (13×8 cm / 5×7 inches).
  2. A gold-gilded photo frame is recommended (not provided with this amulet).
  3. Display this amulet on your altar or in the West location of your living room or home from 20th January 2023 onwards
  4. You can also place this on your office desk.

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