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I am out of the country for about two weeks. While I am away, you may still place your order, however all orders received after this date will be fulfilled only after the 26th May upon my return.  I thank you for your patience and kind understanding! Much Love, Hanni

My shop is closed until May 2023 as I will be travelling. You can still read about them here but they are not available for purchase. Thanks for dropping by!

Incense Powders


Price in other currencies is an estimate only based on current exchange rates. Your credit card will be charged in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).

Premium incense blends suitable for most smoke pujas.

  • Blended with over 30 different barks, herbs, medicines and precious ingredients required: i.e. gold, silver, jewels, three sweets, three whites, grains + aromatic woods and herbs.
  • Comes in 300g packs (and should be enough for about 5-6 mini smoke pujas)
  • Heat-sealed in airtight kraft bags to prevent leakage during shipping
  • Includes a zip lock for convenient airtight-storage after first use.

Note: Some of the ingredients use are extremely rare and hard to find. They come from trees and plants that grow only in the Himalayan regions of Bhutan, Nepal, China and Tibet. Hence each batch will vary slightly in the ratio of ingredients as it depends on whatever ingredients are available at the time of packing.

Choose from three varieties:

  • Guru Rinpoche Incense Blend – A special blend for all Guru Rinpoche incense pujas such as Riwo Sangcho and Pema Nolsang.
  • Wealth Puja Incense Blend – Includes ingredients for smoke pujas to Wealth deities such as Dzambhala, Orgyen Norlha, Vaishravana (Namtose) and King Gesar.
  • Red Dakini Incense Blend –  Includes ingredients for smoke pujas to wish fulfilling deities like Tara, Kurukulle and so forth.

Note: All the varieties above are suitable for general incense pujas like Riwo Sangcho and King Gesar Windhorse Smoke pujas. However each flavour has slightly different formula to comply with the list of ingredients mentioned in specific prayer texts.

Note on Backorders and Restrictions:
Some countries restrict the import of wood-based products. Please check this before ordering. If an item is on backorder, you can still order it but it will take about 1-2 weeks to replenish our stock before we can ship out. Your order will be shipped once it becomes available.

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